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about vibe music

about vibe music

VIBE is a Music Company and music curation brand in Assam. Vibe Music is an open platform for every talented Singer, Music Composers, Lyricists, Writers, Voice Over Artists & Podcaster. We strive to promote the finest Songs in the form of Lyric and Music videos.

Countless talents are here in North-East, India. But the two most unavoidable problems are here. One most of the artists don’t have the money from which they can record and release their songs and the second problem is many of them leave their passion because of family or career issues.

So Vibe Music is here for you. We provide you the platform where you can record & release your songs at zero cost. We promote your songs and release it on every streaming platforms of India.

We work as your PR and organize Online shows and events so that your talent will reach more people.

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Extraordinary Experiences

We believe not a single talented artist’s talent should be wasted. We work hard to bring every talented artists’ music to the world. We make the procedure so simple that anyone from North-East India can easily Register with us, and we will call them to our company.

Music is everywhere. A good music can change your day. We make music in every possible languages of India.

Our Core Values

We work primarily on the following fields –